Crisis averted

Innovative’s Millennium system allows us to link media, such as graphics and video and audio, to records.  The graphics can be linked so they appear on the catalog page in our OPAC.  That’s the basis for our honor and memorial bookplates, among other media.

At the time I set that up, in order to insure a good, solid URL, we linked to our Millennium server using instead of simply /screens/ .

And now, we’ve changed the domain, to, and I.T. is planning to shut off the re-direct (in library terms, the cross-reference) from to

Working on a donation, I noticed the problem, and tried manually changing the 962 field which contains the links in that one record.  Millennium balked and announced an error.

Uh-oh.  We have 3951 links like that.  Do we have to go in and change them all one by one?

Fortunately, the Global Update function did make a successful change.  I tested one record using Global Update to change the domain from uafortsmith to uafs, and the link still worked, and the graphic for the bookplate still functioned properly in the OPAC.  I then did the entire batch, and testing of samples indicates the links still work.

Of such suspenseful events is a cataloger’s life composed….