blstaff wiki goes public

[updated 2014.2.11]

I’ve taken the passwords and confidential stuff out of the library staff training wiki at and made it public.

I’m looking at writing an article for Arkansas Libraries and it would help if I had it for a comparison of what a wiki is, as opposed to a blog.

It’s HIGHLY informal, and of no particular interest to anyone but Boreham Library staff and maybe a few other librarians looking for examples of library training wikis (maybe it’s a bad example, but an example, nonetheless).

Update for 2014.2.11:

I’ve changed the opening page to a “Hardware Status” so we can all see what’s working and what’s not, and where.  Since we’ve got even more stuff on two floors in this big building, it will help to see where not to send somebody to print, or make copies, or whatever, as well as keeping on top of how long it’s taking to get something fixed.