I think we’re (the campus) entitled to boast a little.  Just a bit.

A post on Web4lib led me to a website that ranks institutions.  UA Fort Smith is ranked among more than 17,000 universities worldwide.  That’s more than 17,000, in the entire world, and how did we rank?

Well, the title gave it away.  3,901 in the July 2009 listing.  Catch it fast, they update twice a year.

Now, for a relatively small institution with less than 10,000 students, that’s only been a four-year university a few years, I think that’s pretty good, out of that many, in the entire planet.  That’s well within the top 6,000 (a range the site itself delimited as the “top 6,000”).

The site is available in English, although the ranking work is done in Madrid, Spain (no American bias), and the “Webometrics Ranking formally and explicitly adheres to the Berlin Principles of Higher Education Institutions. The ultimate aim is the continuous improvement and refinement of the methodologies according to a set of agreed principles of good practices.”

“… the current objective of the Webometrics Ranking is to promote Web publication by universities, evaluating the commitment to the electronic distribution of these organizations and to fight a very concerning academic digital divide which is evident even among world universities from developed countries. However, even when we do not intend to assess universities performance solely on the basis of their web output, Webometrics Ranking is measuring a wider range of activities than the current generation of bibliometric indicators that focuses only in the activities of scientific elite.”

I particularly noticed that “Webometrics Ranking is measuring the volume, visibility and impact of the web pages published by universities, with special emphasis in the scientific output (referred papers, conference contributions, pre-prints, monographs, thesis, reports, …) but also taking into account other materials (courseware, seminars or workshops documentation, digital libraries, databases, multimedia, personal pages, …) and the general information on the institution, their departments, research groups or supporting services and people working or attending courses.” [italics mine]

So I think the Library here was a factor in our standing.

Go, Boreham Library.   Go, UA Fort Smith! UA Fort Smith bell tower