Size is relative in video files

So, I have a video file from a presentation by one of our faculty. It’s a video recording in the Apple Quicktime .mov format. Quicktime is not always available on Windows PCs unless the user goes out and gets it.

And it’s big. Over 14 GB.

So, I can’t get it to save to a catalog record for downloading in Sierra, and it’s too big to burn to a DVD. Yes, I tried both, even though I didn’t have much hope. It’s only 17 minutes long, but MOV makes for a big file.

So, I tried VLC player to convert it to .avi format which would work on Windows Media Player and on VLC, but VLC is erratic in conversion results – I kept getting the video with no sound with various settings.

Next, I checked the web, and the free websites that convert wouldn’t do a file that large for free.

So, I tried VideoGrabber. Had to download a piece of software, but that got a file that is still too large to save to the catalog record (485,427 KB) but would burn to a DVD. I threw in the PowerPoint presentation with it on the disc and burned it.

I don’t expect much use off campus, so I didn’t catalog it on OCLC. It’s an interesting presentation, though, and gives some original insight into Beethoven’s work. We are glad to be able to keep material like this in the library.

I also make a point of saving such files to our network drive so they will be backed up elsewhere. Just in case.