Job posting

We have a librarian retiring, so here’s the job posting for a new Public Services Librarian:


Future publishing?

I’m seeing a lot of “predictions” thrown around by various columnists and bloggers trying to foresee the future of publishing.

Ransom Stephens has “Booking the future” and it’s an interesting take.  The timeline, as usual, looks a bit fast (at least to start) but it seems like a pretty practical view of what could (should?) happen.

Legal or not? site links & copyright

I’ve been getting the MakeUseOf posts for possible inclusion in Computer Helpers, but I have to carefully examine some of these sites.

For example, I saved a bookmark for a site that said it had MP3s of TV show theme songs.  When I checked, however, some of the tunes the site claimed to have earlier were missing, such as the theme from the show “Friends.”  That particular one worried me.

Now, I know the “Friends” theme is sold commercially on records and online, so I suspect that it wasn’t on here very long after somebody from the network discovered it and sent a notice to take it down.

I don’t want to lead people to sites that put up violations of copyright, so I’m going to pass on linking this one except as an example of what I avoid.  The owner’s intentions may be good, and they may take down anything for which notice is received, but the fact that it appeared in the first place, and that the site asks for others to submit tunes, bothers me from the copyright angle.


I use a web page on our server for the bookmarks most often used by library staff, called  staffmark.  That allows staff to have one bookmark that gets them to all the others.  It includes links to the staff manuals we use.  Some of those are still being updated, and perhaps some more could use it, but I’ll get to them all eventually.

Lotsa lotsa links… but are they worth anything?

Be interesting to see if THIS post gets linked…

I’m getting a lot of items in the Akismet spam filter for sites that have links like “see more of this great post here” or “dvanarsd wrote an intesting post” or “while stumbling through the blogosphere” and then linked back to my ComputerHelper post. Most of these have no more than a bit of a quote from the post, and no real comment on the content.

They look very suspiciously like something done by some robot software, maybe to get a lot of links accumulated for other blogs and sites. There’s nothing substantial about the links, and the “found a great post” kind of introduction gets repeated so often that it looks automated.  The introductions (see quoted above) are so often the same that it has to be some kind of stock software grabbing it.

The weird part is that in many cases, somebody else is quoted as posting it… but when you follow the link far enough, it comes back to my post.  So these people are linking to each other’s links to me.  How incestuous is that?

I think I’m going to delete this kind of post by declaring it spam in the filter.  Not that hard to do with WordPress.
Nothing against it, really, since most of these apparently aren’t trying to lead people to see advertising… but it looks like somebody is trying to boost their link counts for these other blogs. I don’t need a lot of citations by other blogs per se, just real comments that might help.  I don’t care about how many places link to here, at least in a manner no more discriminating than that.

New policy: no more “link for the sake of linking” comments approved.

And so it begins….

The spam filter caught a whole flock of links recently.  Glad it works so well.

It needs some training, but while it caught a few it didn’t need (which I could easily move to legitimate status), it also caught all the junk I certainly didn’t need.

Nice going, Akismet.

we’ve been linked!

I’m getting the notices from WordPress — most of them end up in the spam filter — that various other sites are linking to these entries.  Most of them seem to be WordPress blogs.

I’m not sure if this is because my posts show up routinely in the list of new posts to blogs for everybody using WordPress as a host, or if they are being searched, perhaps routinely, for other sites.

As long as the cites seem to be for legitimate purposes (i.e., not just to pull in a link so somebody can flash ads), I’m allowing them.

I realize that some people just hope to make their blogs rate a little higher on some scale or other, or attract more readers.  Some of these may have ads on their blogs/sites.  But as long as the primary purpose seems to be educational/informative rather than just an advertising come-on, I don’t see an objection at this point.

I take the good ones out of the spam filter and approve them.  The others I delete.  Not too hard to do in bulk, so far.