008 and ILLiad

We use ILLiad here for Interlibrary Loan.  We’ve been getting requests for, among other things, the study guides for examinations.

Recently, a staff member brought back the information that the 008 field in the Checkin record could be used to block ILLiad from accepting an ILL request from other libraries.

So, I did a manual for how to do that.

The idea is that certain things that we want to show as “available” in our OPAC are still sufficiently heavily used that we don’t feel comfortable about lending them to other libraries.  We’re not being selfish, just making sure that at the times of year that certain examinations are given, for example, we haven’t loaned out all our how-to-take-this-exam books to other libraries when our own students come looking for them (these sessions tend to be sort of seasonal).

So, for these very few titles, we may set the 008 to not lend.  Other libraries needing these (or more copies of these than they own already) should — we’re hoping, if ILLiad operates as described — pass over us.



ILLiad and Canons

I spelled that correctly.  Really.

It’s “Canon” as in the manufacturer, and OCLC’s ILLiad interlibrary loan service.

After long consideration and talking to Innovative Interfaces people, we’re moving away from the Innovative Interfaces ILL module, such as it is, and setting up ILLiad.

I’d gotten a Canon MX-700 all-in-one to replace our old fax machine earlier.  It seemed to be doing well, so when we needed a color printer to handle the occasion ILL that we need to print, I just got another — on sale, of course! — since it could double as a scanner with an ADF (Automatic Document Feeder).   Inkjets are expensive for cartridges, but we don’t print that much color from it, and send black&white to a laser printer instead.  They could both use the same cartridges.

When it came time to train on ILLiad’s “Odyssey” function, which scans in documents to lend, the Odyssey software crashed.  It wouldn’t even open — just crashed the ILLiad software completely.  Apparently it didn’t like the Canon MX700 driver at all.

Hmmm.  So, I installed the driver for our older, less reliable Epson 4490 (they’ve been dying on us at an accelerating pace).  Then tried it without the Epson attached, but kept the Canon MX-700 attached.

Now, Odyssey came up, said it couldn’t find the Epson (we told it never mind) and Odyssey opened.  Then I chose the Canon from the list of available scanners.  And we were in business.  The trainer couldn’t explain it.  Did the same thing on another computer.  Install the Epson driver to find first, and it came up.  Canon only, it crashes.

Now we needed a scanner (just a scanner, no ADF, no printing) for another ILL workstation.  I had just gotten in a Canon 8800F so I put that on with the 8800F driver.  Try to load Odyssey and — Crash.  Try something else.  Crash.  Crash.  OCLC claims it works with any TWAIN scanner.  Crash.  Consult, check all the suggestions off.  Crash.  Crash.  Install the Epson driver.  Crash.  Install the MX700 driver.  Crash.

The librarian in charge of ILL finally worked it out.  Turn the Canon 8800F off first, then load Odyssey, then turn the Canon back on.  Then Odyssey seems to be happy with it and lets you change to the Canon.

Scanners are notoriously wonky creatures, and OCLC software is very particular, but at least we have a workaround.  If anybody else has an explanation or better way to do it, I’m open to discussion.

BTW: Dell PCs using Windows XP Pro, USB interfaces.  I love USB interfaces because they allow you to switch equipment so easily.