Legal or not? site links & copyright

I’ve been getting the MakeUseOf posts for possible inclusion in Computer Helpers, but I have to carefully examine some of these sites.

For example, I saved a bookmark for a site that said it had MP3s of TV show theme songs.  When I checked, however, some of the tunes the site claimed to have earlier were missing, such as the theme from the show “Friends.”  That particular one worried me.

Now, I know the “Friends” theme is sold commercially on records and online, so I suspect that it wasn’t on here very long after somebody from the network discovered it and sent a notice to take it down.

I don’t want to lead people to sites that put up violations of copyright, so I’m going to pass on linking this one except as an example of what I avoid.  The owner’s intentions may be good, and they may take down anything for which notice is received, but the fact that it appeared in the first place, and that the site asks for others to submit tunes, bothers me from the copyright angle.