Backup from the wiki

I adapted my Backup Tutorial from the staff wiki and made it a child page of the Security page. There’s a link there.

I hunted for software that would be

(a) free

(b) free

(c) easy to use

(d) works with our network drives

(e) “set and forget”

(f) available for individuals to use at home once they learn to use it here (and vice versa)

and Cobian Backup filled the bill. The author has given it up for open source, but it seems to be actively progressing towards the next version, and it works up through Vista, so it should be around for a while.

Anyway, it’s here.

It’s not the only such software out there, but it works here on our network, it’s tested here, and I can teach it.

[posted revised with wiki link 2008/2/16]