Ebooks and overlays, backfired

So I celebrated Ebooks and overlays earlier. I didn’t want to mention my underlying fear.

It’s happened.

I have 160 records from vendor B that just overlaid records from vendor A. They have the same OCLC record numbers.

Nuts. I just knew this was coming. OCLC has multiple ebook vendors on the same records, which leads directly to this situation. And it’s not going to improve in the future, I expect.

Now, I could try to keep both on the same record, but all too often one vendor removes records while the other does not. (At present, vendor B is guilty of this more often, but that could change.) Trying to deal with that could end up being more complex and prone to error.

Now, if I duplicate the records and edit them to be exclusive of each other, at some point in the future, one vendor will want to overlay to delete, which means the catalog cannot decide which to overlay – resulting in a a new record being created. I can usually pick these out by looking for new records created during the overlay of deletion records.

But first, I have 160 records to separate. <sigh!>



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