Ebooks and Overlays

So finally vendor p..q…. has moved to using OCLC record numbers in the 001 fields of their records, instead of their own numbering system.

That means that I can now download records and — for example — overlay records with a notation to delete them. Huzzah! Couldn’t do that without some complex and expensive shenanigans with importing records before, when the numbering system was non-standard.

So, I take the academic collection as a basis and download that with NO overlays – new records must be inserted for all of them.

Then I take the public library collection (and later one for education, when it becomes available) and overlay it, so I don’t have a bunch of duplicate records. Then I remove duplicate fields, such as the 856 links, and get over 65,000 records (so far).

One little glitch. Not all the records used by this vendor are unique — a few (more than a dozen) are the same numbers as those used by a couple of other vendors, so those records are overlaid. Now I have multiple vendor links in the same records.

So, I have to find those records and make copies, and tweak until I have unique copies of the records with separate vendor links. That way, I can remove records from vendor A without losing records from vendor B.

It would have been nice if p..q…. had taken the original record, copied it, and changed it with their own link, and saved it under another OCLC record number in every case. It would have been. They seem to have done that for the most part, but at this time, there are a few little exceptions — and I have no idea why.

Close, people, really close. 4 out of 5 stars.



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