Adobe Digital Editions on Android tablets

I’ve been working on a problem with Adobe Digital Editions eBooks….

I had a student who wanted to download one of our downloadable eBooks directly to an Android tablet.

Now, the instructions on ADE pretty much say that in order to receive an eBook, you need a Windows or a Mac computer.  Then, you use a cable to transfer the file over to your ereader, tablet/iPad, etc.

Now, bear in mind that I’m working with Android 2.3.3 booting off a microSD card for a Nook Color, which is not exactly stock Android (and definitely not stock Nook Color) but should be close enough for government work…

I’m using Aldika as the ereader software, which is listed on the ADE list as working with their eBooks.  (I can’t use Bluefire as it won’t accept my Nook, perhaps thinking it is a regular Nook Color.)

I found references to being able to download Overdrive eBooks, which is the eBook provider the local public library use.  However, the Overdrive software, once installed on my device, wouldn’t recognize a non-Overdrive eBook, even though Adobe Digital Editions is also used for and reads both.

I tried a direct download from Dropbox.  I can get it on the device, but it’s still locked up in a URLLink.acsm file which I can’t open, even though Aldika has been authorized for my Adobe ID.  Mostly, the “Open With” function doesn’t seem to be working.

I can’t download it at all as an email attachment in GMail or as a file from Google Docs.

So, if anybody asks, they need to copy it over from a PC or Mac via cable, period.  That method, at least, I know works.



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