Supplies are wiki’ed

In honor of the change from pbwiki to pbworks (well, thrown in the honor), I’ve added a new page to the staff wiki for Supplies.

This is one of those “I’ve been meaning to get around to something for this purpose for some time” kind of things.

This is basically just a staff info page to keep everything important where we all can find it easily and quickly, when it comes time to reorder.

Caveat emptor: this is what we presently buy, based on our state contracts with vendors and other factors which may or may not be optimal for anybody else. We may not go to the same vendor or use the same product next time we order — this is just a starting point.  This should not be considered any kind of endorsement for the products or vendors listed.

We have some things that we don’t order very often (targets for the security system, barcode scanners, printer drums, etc.) and we end up shuffling through backfiles to find where we got them originally, or where to go for parts, or where we got that better deal.  This is intended to shortcut that process.

Office Supplies

Office supplies are usually cheaper from office supply vendors (rather than a library supply vendor).

Routine things like pens and paper clips and such, not needed.  But things such as “what’s the label stock number for those labels we use for …” are appropriate.

Library Supplies

Specialized library/archival-only supplies.  Targets for the security system, covering supplies, etc.


This I broke down into sections like Audio-Visual (for things like headphones), Barcode Scanners, Printers, Scanners, etc., with links to my online manuals.

I think it will be useful  — to me and maybe to others here.


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